The plan is the most important part of the whole event!

To ensure that your event will take place safely, you should have a concrete plan and a security concept along with a detailed risk analysis.

Our security concepts consist of well-coordinated security measures which together provide the desired protective effect. You can be sure of that.

We will be there for you from the outset: Beginning with extensive consultations with our nationally and internationally experienced security specialists to formulate an appropriate conceptual framework right through to the successful implementation of the security measures by our qualified professional personnel.

Together with you and the proper authorities we will develop strategies to safely guide the visitors throughout the event and to carry out a controlled evacuation of the site in an emergency according to the venue regulations MVStättV.

The gallery of our international reference project National Day Qatar will provide you with an example of our conceptual work.

Our security concepts include:

  • a time schedule, a programme and determining the type of event 
  • the expected number of people, their age structure and their anticipated conduct
  • an arrival and a departure plan for the visitors, artists, prominent guests and the press
  • a route guidance system and a method for controlling the stream of visitors
  • road blocks on public roads
  • barriers at entry gates and emergency exits
  • risk analyses, emergency plans and public security announcements as well as escape route concepts
  • assessment of the influence of parallel events on the planned event 
  • topographic location of the grounds (sketch)
  • security control centre / organisation of a security panel / organigram
  • security manpower planning / fire brigade / paramedics
  • accreditation
  • other local and regional aspects


You stand to benefit from the following features of our security services

  • our extensive national and international experience 
  • our safety concepts which include risk analyses and involve the proper authorities
  • We will moderate your security meetings and assist you in your discussions with the authorities.
  • We will back you up at the site and assist your own security service for your event as required.